No Grand Jury For California?

California became the first state in the entire U.S. to prohibit the use of Grand Juries. These secret legal bodies no longer can be used when deciding if police officers should be indicted in cases of deadly force or not. With the many recent cases of police brutality, being a complete abuse of their authority, people firmly marched against Grand Juries as they were helping these cases stay out of the justice they truly deserved.

“Stop killing our boys” states a sign in a protest against a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown. That is but a single case of police brutality that, thanks to a grand jury, that will never see justice.

It is believed that grand juries are a process that incite the refusal to indict and created an atmosphere of great suspicion that completely compromises the justice system. People are getting angrier about it, making everything turn into a delicate situation. Most of last year’s protests were motivated by this issue.


The grand juries were also heavily criticized because of their how secretive they are. This is, at first, to protect witnesses, who supposedly will not come forward if the documents were subject to open record. Regardless of that, those who oppose the grand jury firmly state that the secrecy surrounding them only serves as a protection to the police and does absolutely nothing for justice.


Also, grand juries do not necessarily need to reveal the reason why a police officer was not indicted. Most people believe that sort of crucial information has to be revealed to everyone, in order to know if justice was properly served or not. We are talking about the lives of young people, who die due to police brutality in a very vicious and satantic way. It is no surprise that so many people rise against grand juries.


With the changes of this law, California can now leave the decision up to the prosecutor. Police brutality will now be something easier to judge with a lot more of transparency and accountability.


A terrifying number was released by Bowling Green State University, which stated that in seven years, only less than 50 police officers who abused their authority and inflicted excessive force, killing the innocent, were charged with murder for an on-duty action. And, during the same period, the FBI classified over 2,700 police brutality killings as homicides.


Take a minute to internalize that last bit of information. This issue is severe and very serious. California made the first step towards erasing the grand juries from the system. People need to feel safe around the police, not feel that their children could get killed at any moment, especially Black children, who seem to be the target of police brutality.

With a grand jury, it is very rare that an officer gets charged with homicide because he is protected by secret White Supremacist groups that have infiltrated the court system and many police departments across the country. So, it is great news for California. And we can only hope that other states take this example and start applying the same law in every region.

California Terrorists

For the life of me I do not understand the mind of a terrorist. From the Chicago gang members, to people from other countries strapping on a bomb and setting out to destroy any and everyone, including themselves. What kind of prayer to God or Allah does one say before they set out on a mission to destroy? If I stumbled across one of those suicide bomber trainings, I would be really pissed off if I was chosen to kill myself. I would so look at them like,”Who me? Nah…not me!” What are the politics behind who gets to strap the explosives onto their person and go for it? While President Obama remains calm and cool, consoling America the way a good President should after the San Bernardino shooting, others are freaking out, causing hysteria.

The country is up in arms about terrorists attacks striking America. They might want to finally admit that Obama handled the situation like a cool glass of water, not skipping a beat. Unlike Trump, who concluded that all Muslims must leave the United States. As technology is rapidly growing, the government did not have any concrete intelligence warning them of a shooting. The attacks on Wednesday killed 14 in San Bernardino, California. Beefing up surveillance and Big Brother does not sound so crazy, now does it?

Americans seem to be focused on the terrorism overseas, forgetting the terrorists right here who are already homegrown and/or replanted here on visas posing as students, doctors, office workers, and the list continues. Quick, methodical, and deadly, the attack caught everyone off guard, including the co-workers to one of the shooters Syed Rizwan Farook. Whatever kind of office disagreement he had with this team of people, Farook and his partner-in-crime Tashfeen Malik took it beyond imaginable extremes.

Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, reported terrorism has been outsourced in an attempt to attack the United States. American business owners outsource overseas to pay employees a smidgen of what they are worth. Terrorists overseas, however, have learned to outsource groups that are already present right here on American soil for attacks. We will never see it coming. It could be anybody. We are needing an entirely new approach to a deadly and frightening problem.

Though tightening up on the TSA at airlines is an obvious solution, it is far from a solution that actually works when the terrorists are already here eating at iHop, skateboarding up the street, and working next to you in the cubicle over. What good is a TSA? I am afraid there is no way of knowing. The devil’s greatest trick was convincing you he did not exist. Unless you happen to visit the home of a terrorist and stumble across hardware and ammunition, there is just no way to tell who is here to blow up America tomorrow. Though the government wants to also tighten up on the visa program allowing visitors from other nations entry into the country, I still do not see how anyone can determine who is a threat.

As much as the NRA hates the thought of this, we really need to tighten on gun control. We can regulate much easier who should and should not have a fire arm much quicker than we can determine, correctly, who should be able to get on a plane or not.
The government now wants to rely on family and friends to turn in those who have been recruited into a terrorist group and those who are in. Very similar to how the Black community in America put out a cry to Caucasian families and friends to report racism and hatred and any affiliation with the terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan. Mayor Rahm Emanuel urges Black families and friends to report gang activity immediately. Though no one wants to be a snitch, if being a snitch can save innocent lives, then snitches should be awarded a medal of bravery and honor during this sensitive and dangerous climate.

I believe the administration is receiving the wake-up to do something because what has been in place is clearly ineffective. Focusing on Muslims could also alienate and infuriate a group of people pushing them into the arms of an IsIs group online.

Though the number of deaths in terrorists attacks in Iraq or here in America still do not come close to the amount of Black Americans dying in the streets of Chicago by assault rifles and law enforcement, the death toll from jihad terrorism is about the same as the terrorist attacks motivated by white supremacist and other right-wing extremist.

America has its work cut out. This problem is a serious one. Time is of the essence. Operation Snitch seems to be the only sure-fire solution. Because if we just go by appearance, name, and religious faith, I could be targeted. I have a Muslim name that means female ruler. Arabs often mistaken me for one of them because of my skin complexion and long, straight black hair. I get stopped in the airports for a security check. I studied Islam many years ago. I do not know if that shows up anywhere. It is a beautiful faith, but I am a spiritualist who prays to God today and I believe in Jesus. In America I get judged for being a Black woman and now a Muslim woman. Interesting space to be in. You should try it sometime.