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David Binder Research issues summary on our poll

(March 30, 2010):  On March 22, 2010, our pollster David Binder issued his summary on the poll that was conducted March 6-11, 2010.  Click here to check out the poll summary. Also important to note, last week we were informed that the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) passed a resolution at their 2010 Convention to endorse the California Democracy Act if it reaches the ballot; we also learned United Teachers of Los Angeles - PACE voted to endorse our campaign.  We want to thank these groups for their support & welcome them to the campaign!!!


“All legislative actions on revenue and budget
must be determined by a majority vote”

Also known as the CA Majority Rule Campaign, it changes two words in the
California Constitution: “Two-thirds” becomes “a majority” in two places.
That’s all it takes to make California sane and solvent again.


The majority of voters choose the majority of legislators. That’s simple democracy. And it is simple democracy that the majority of legislators provide for the needs of the people they represent.

Without such democracy, there is the gridlock, economic chaos and suffering we now face in California. We, the majority of voters, can restore democracy to California, and with it, responsible economic management. One sentence will do it.

All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote.

The infamous “2/3 rules” mean that 1/3+1 (a 34% minority) in either house controls the legislature by voting “No” until they get what they want. They want to keep the state government from serving public needs, and they are succeeding.

You can stop them by returning democracy to California. Sign the petition, and vote Yes on the California Democracy Act.

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Recent News

  • DailyCal reports on The California Democracy Act


    Daily Californian | January 29, 2010 | By David Fielder | LINK TO ARTICLE

    The California Democracy Act, a non-partisan constitutional amendment authored by UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff, consists in its entirety of a mere 14 words:

    "All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote."

    California is one of the only states in the nation to constitutionally give a 34 percent minority of its state representatives direct control over all such legislation-thereby ensuring the budget and revenue gridlock we are experiencing.

    California is in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis requiring fundamental new approaches for resolution. Creativity is essential as we are currently unable to implement more obvious solutions to resolving the crisis. For example, we are also one of the only significant oil producing states that fails to charge oil companies an extraction tax on the oil they pump-even Governor Sarah Palin prided herself on taxing Alaska's oil profiteers. ...

  • Lakoff: Where's The Movement?

    2 months ago
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